A Few Insurance Points You Need When Planning Your Travels

Everyone should have a European Health Card, as it entitles you to basic medical care in all member states of the EU plus a few others with reciprocal agreements (but not, annoyingly, the Channel Islands). There is a temptation to think that if you are travelling to one of these countries you do not really need to buy normal travel insurance.This is not necessarily a good idea – unless you are aware of the risk you are taking. The level of health care offered in Europe varies from country to Read more […]

Medical Tourism in India for Affordable Health Care

Gone are the days when people from less developed nations traveled to developed countries looking for advanced healthcare services. Asia is fast becoming one of the most sought after destinations for medical travel and India stands right up the ladder. The boom in the medical India tourism has been contributed by a host of factors that include affordable medical treatments, high quality medical care, wellness tourism, appealing accommodation options, highly skilled pool of medical professionals Read more […]

What Makes a Great Travel Nurse Recruiter?

Medical recruiters are hired by travel companies to handle initial inquiries about medical travel, assist medical personnel with the actual sign up process, match those personnel with available travel jobs either within a specific area or throughout the entire country, and handle any and all problems that present during an assignment.Finding a great recruiter can provide you with an enormous advantage when searching for the best nursing travel jobs or the most desirable allied travel jobs. The Read more […]

Medical Tourism Still Booms Despite Recession

As economies began to falter last fall, there were many predictions how this would play out for the young but booming medical tourism industry. With several months of shaky economic news now in the past, some interesting trends are starting to emerge, most of which add fuel to medical tourism’s growth.One shift becoming evident is the dip in requests for surgery overseas where there’s no medical urgency, such as tummy tucks, chiseled noses and dental veneers.  There’s a corresponding Read more […]